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how many photos have you been in the background of today? nowhere near as many as i have.

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"Can I just ask what it is, then?"


   ”Don’ have a name. Think N’tasha suits me?”



"It’d be nice, is what I’m saying." 

   ”Y’deserve it.”


sayuri and suzumi again! ♥ ♥ commission for joanna


sayuri and suzumi again! ♥ ♥ commission for joanna


Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2015 



She needs to talk to Clint. She really needs to talk to Clint and figure out how much he’s told the girl, whether any of that is information that shouldn’t really have been shared with civilians. It doesn’t matter, she guesses; it’s not like she’d ever rat on Clint. Just tell him off herself.

"I work for SHIELD, yeah."

Casual jumps through space and time should have made it so much easier to learn about Natasha, but rather, Kid only finds her memory muddled up in timelines.

   ”I take it yer not an office job kinda gal.”


this may come as sad news for some of you but Outer Space is Gay. all of it

I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.